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06-Aug-2016 15:03

Also, don’t forget to login using your You Tube account and subscribe/rate/follow/favorite Phil’s content stream!

I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to work with Phil on this awesome app – and appreciative to those of you in the De Franco Nation who have now downloaded and are using the product.

What’s the underlined strategy of Twitter regarding its Revenue and Profit? Let’s begin by taking into account the recent updates on Twitter: In 2010, Twitter introduced the #New Twitter version with an integration of tools like Daily Booth, i Tunes, Ustream, You Tube & Twitpic while in December, services like Blip.tv, Instagram, Slideshare, Rdio and Dipdrive were also added on.

Twitter is now supporting six more services which enable a multimedia upload whenever a user publishes a location-based tweet detected by Foursquare, Gowalla, Amazon, Meetup, Plancast or AOL Video. Acquisition of Tweet Deck Twitter has also acquired Tweet Deck, the popular third-party client for the microblogging service, for a purchase price of million – million including cash and Twitter stock, both. Twitter: Pictures and Videos Twitter plans on rolling out the option of uploading videos and pictures straight from in an attempt to replace third-party apps like Twitpic and YFrog which, according to the CEO of Twitter Dick Costelo, don’t really keep up with the fast-paced Twitter.

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We’d like to thank Olga for giving us the opportunity to provide this app to her fans, and we hope that you enjoy it.

Even if the apps are free, it means a lot to us to see our apps hitting the top charts in i Tunes.

As of this evening three of our apps are in the “Whats Hot” section of the Social Networking category (CTFx C, Unofficial Shay Tards, and Unofficial Shane Dawson).

Having a Dev server as a place to test code is standard practice but how does this translate to CSS?

The problem is that the CSS is cashing on the client side and there isn’t an obvious way of telling the browser to un-cache it. Though it’s not in wide use there is a quick hack that will keep your CSS as fresh as your HTML.

The browser has no way of knowing if the CSS file is actually dynamic or not.