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In our conversation with Erica, she discusses growing up with sci-fi, the differences between her and her character, the Jo/Zane relationship dynamic, and more! At about age 14, I decided I wanted to be a rebel without a cause so I got out of doing anything responsible, like acting, school, most things. Then I started again when I was about 20, commercials and did some guest stars on this and that, and then at 25 I booked this. So I’d much rather do that as opposed to just being myself on TV, because that’s no fun. Essentially, for , you’re the actress that’s kind of pushing the female empowerment dynamic. Do you feel any type of responsibility when it comes to how you portray her? I think that it’s incredibly important that there are strong women out there, but I think there’s always degrees. You started in the industry pretty early — can you tell us a little bit about that journey? A good chunk of the work you’ve booked has been genre-based. My dad was a Trekkie so I grew up watching and pretty much anything that was sort of science based. I think I would like to do a bit more fantasy stuff, but I pretty much just want to work. I love doing character stuff, it’s really what I have the most fun with. SFS: Jo’s been established as a very tomboy-like character, someone that grew up in an all-male household, and had to get tough in order to survive that adolescence.This surprised everyone, most of all Deputy Jo Lupo, who ended up falling in love with Zane.An unexpected trip back to 1947 by five of Eureka’s residents in the fourth season premiere “Founder’s Day” changes the timeline once they return to the present.I just thought would be a lot of fun, if he flirted with every single female he encountered in Eureka.

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Like, I’m sure she wouldn’t be at home cooking and I do. I do believe that women should have any right to do whatever they want, but I do still believe that it’s the best person for the job.It's all an amazing experience."Cerra and Fiore have dated since high school and married in November 2010.