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14-May-2017 06:48

Meanwhile, on the Human World, Yusuke is being waken up by his mother.He returns to school that day, and when he tries to join a conversation between two students, they ran away from him thinking he was a ghost.Yusuke complains he'd miss his 3 day vacation if he did, so Botan yells "MANKIND OR VACATION?!" and Yusuke yells back that they have the same importance to him.

Hiyama is recognized for his portrayal of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, by starring twice within the Brave Series franchise as Maito Senpuuji of The Brave Express Might Gaine and Gai Shishioh of the King of Braves Gao Gai Gar; as well as providing the voice of Link within Nintendo's award-winning title, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.Koenma teaches him of his new ability, the Spirit Gun. He accpets the mission as a sign of gratitude to them for bring him back to life.Unknown to Yusuke the last enemy he has to face is the most demonic of them all.When the time came for Hiyama to plan his career development during his senior year of high school, he resorted to the mindset of "if I had to bread-win, might as well choose the type of bread that I love to eat." Therefore, his first choice was to apply for college to become a historian, while his second choice was to go into "something in relation to voice work," since he reflected how his radio club experience was the one that made him believe this will be the lifestyle that he would truly enjoy.

In the end, Hiyama chose to dive straight into Tokyo Announce Gakuin (now Tokyo Announce Gakuin Performing Arts College) upon graduation due to the tough application requirements of his intended history major.

Upon entering high school, Hiyama believed he could "finally start pursuing his dream of not participating in any school clubs," but ends up being reluctantly dragged into his high school's radio club due to his friend, who has been schoolmates with him since middle school, wanting to join the club yet doesn't want to enter the club alone.

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