South american people dating from 1100 ad

16-May-2017 09:08

Other important pieces were collected from Chaco Canyon (AD 800s–1100s), where ancestral Pueblo peoples built large, multistoried masonry buildings, the most impressive of which is Pueblo Bonito. The first to emerge was the extensive site of villages and irrigation canals known as Hohokam (AD 200–1400), a culture regarded as ancestral by the Akimel O´odham and Tohono O´odham of Arizona.

Farther south, Casas Grandes, with its ritual and trading center Paquimé, flourished from AD 1200 to 1450.

: The Olmec used the “slash and burn” technique of farming, which was also used by the Mayans.

- About 1000 AD, the world's climate got a few degrees warmer, and this climate change brought many other changes with it.

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