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03-Jul-2017 13:27

I changed two countries and three cities in the last year, and I know it’s not that easy to meet people when you are always ‘new in town’.I’m a bit old-fashioned, and for me meeting people in person was something that I didn’t want to exchange for anything – but the way of life that we are all leading makes this more and more difficult.Not if you enlist the help of that four-legged canine cupid bouncing around your feet.That’s right: your dog, in addition to being your very best friend, may also be your best asset on the “ruff” and rocky road to romance.Sherman has a profile on Alikewise, but out of principle does not date customers.Masina is married but, for appearances, has a profile posted.

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After spending hours and hours thinking about the name, we finally went for the most obvious one: Koob. Just as any human interaction and communication should go two ways, the name goes from Book to Koob, from me to you. Koob is a community of people who share a passion for books – booklovers. I mentioned dating app technology, but Koob is not primarily a dating app; we like to call it a friendship app, but you never know where the similar interest can lead you.

Sherman, based in Boston, is convinced such niche sites are the future.“The generalist sites are too generic,” he says. Everybody loves travel and red wine,” he adds, in a yadda yadda yadda voice. You have to slog through a million people before you get lucky.”But when you date by the book, you’ve seriously narrowed your focus, says Sherman. They are an active pursuit compared to music or movies which are passive,” adds Sherman. They start the conversation.” In fact, members are more inclined to extol the virtues of a book than their own unique qualities.