Skinny minnie dating

31-Oct-2016 00:55

The mystery of the fat acceptance movement, explained!

Actually, no; calling it “fat acceptance” is so misleading it borders on being an outright lie.

Women who attend the event, , have their dress size written on their nametags in red Sharpie marker.

White attended one of the Skinny Minny events in New York City and used a recorder hidden in a vintage fur muff to record the men she sat down with.

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Former TOWIE star Gemma Collins has been on a bit of a health kick recently, and it looks like she’s reaping the benefits!

White writes about going to “Skinny Mini Speed Dating.” That is not some cutesy or sarcastic name White made up for the event, but literally what it is called. This particular NYC-based speed dating night caters to men who want “women under size 8 only.” In theory, that sounds okay; people have body-size preferences, and so be it. ” I tell her, nervously, that I am a four or sometimes a six and sometimes a two, although that’s in, like, really stretchy things.