Dating marriage customs germany

17-Sep-2016 01:25

By Genevieve Woingust While there are certain universal char­acteristics that come into play when boy meets girl or woman meets man - like pal­pitations, sweaty palms and "foot in mouth' disease - which have little bearing on nationality, ethnicity or custom, there are certain rules of conduct that differ among countries.So in order to avoid frustration and embarassement, there are some “Do's and Dont’s” you may want to be aware of.This is different than in North America and sparked some interesting discussions between J. I really didn’t want a promise ring as I don’t wear much jewellery and thought we would be getting engaged soon and that an engagement ring would be enough.

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Another variation is that people will throw money into the veil while the couple dances, buying themselves a dance with one of the newlyweds. The wedding cake power play A couple with their wedding cake. Midnight is when Germans often choose to cut the cake. Engagement rings aren't actually such a big deal in Germany, and some couples never bother with them.Earlier when the couple is dating, the guy may have given the girl a promise ring, (a much smaller ring than a typical engagement ring).

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