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You’ve not bothered to visit my Centre, the largest in the University in terms of the faculty and student numbers, to interact and `consult’ with us.

If by `consultation’ you mean your meetings with Deans over policy issues, there is nothing new in what you’re doing.

The CFD and meshing world from they eyes of John Chawner, president and co-founder of Pointwise.

If you’ve used any of these services before, you already have a Google Account.

There are several code-specific forums here (Open FOAM, Fluent, CFX, CD-adapco, FLOW-3D, PHOENICS and more). If you have any CFD related questions or want to stay in touch with what happens in the CFD world then this is the perfect place to go.

The only real alternative to the CFD Online Discussion Forum is the CFD newsgroup listed below. We have tried to avoid to include everything here and instead focus on the blogs we find interesting and follow ourselves.

My first area of unease is precisely this proclamation.

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I don’t recall a single instance where you tried to consult me, or any of the senior faculty members that I know (and believe me, I know most of them).Your account username is simply the email address you used during the creation process.

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