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01-Dec-2016 18:00

fake-hwclock is a simple set of scripts to save the kernel's current clock periodically (including at shutdown) and restore it at boot so that the system clock keeps at least close to realtime.I am running raspbian wheezy, upgraded to all the latest packages.I would check the 2 other boxes DC1 & 3 to ensure they are getting the correct time. 1 u 40 64 377 9.468 0.209 0.129 -PRIVATE3 2 u 12 64 377 6.943 -0.270 0.142 -PRIVATE5 . I would also add at least 3 ntp servers to your config file to ensure stability and reliability.

The result of ntpq -p: remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== sola-dal-0964.250.177.145 2 u 33 64 1 70.629 -4146.9 0.001 ntp1. Be 3 u 32 64 1 63.629 -4158.7 0.001 2 u 31 64 1 70.431 -4163.3 0.001 helium.constant 2 u 30 64 1 102.066 -4179.0 0.001 europium.canoni 1.14 2 u 29 64 1 171.013 -4187.2 0.001Note: -q switch should update the time. The second thing I would check is services: server 0org iburst server 1org iburst server 2org iburst server 3org iburst restrict default nomodify nopeer restrict restrict ::1 driftfile /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift logfile /var/log/..This option should be used when called from a startup file at boot time." Many of the answers below do not include it, and that maybe part of the problem in getting things to work.Consider that the the '-B' flag it mentions that offsets over 128 ms can take hours to sync using the default 'slew' mechanism The "-q" option tells the NTP daemon to start up, set the time and immediately exit.From this: -q Exit the ntpd just after the first time the clock is set.

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This behavior mimics that of the ntpdate program, which is to be retired.There's a bunch more info in the 'Pi 3 SSH over Wi Fi not working' threads in Troubleshooting. When I switched to dongle with Realtek chip I got response after about 10 seconds.

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