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Explore its contents below to find out the rules you must follow while attending KSU – and the student discipline procedures. The vice president for student affairs may delegate the responsibility to direct the student conduct process to the director of student conduct. Accordingly, the all-university hearing board shall not have the authority to intervene in the student conduct process administered by the university, and the purview of such board shall be limited to the scope as currently provided for in rule 3342-2-08 of the Administrative Code. The vice president for student affairs retains the authority to immediately enact and enforce changes to the code of student conduct. The vice president for student affairs may delegate the responsibility to manage the student conduct process to the director of student conduct. It is the responsibility of the director of student conduct to determine if referrals should be assigned to conduct hearings; provide student conduct hearings and officers with technical advice, training, and clerical support; establish procedures to ensure an ongoing evaluation of student conduct rules; collect and maintain all records of formal disciplinary action; establish means to inform all members of the university community of student conduct policies and issues; and serve as a consultant to students and staff in the administration of the student conduct process. The university shall provide respondents and complainants (either of who may be a student or members of a student organization) the following rights: a. Responsibility for administration of this policy G. Revisions SECTION 2: Administrative policy and procedures regarding regulations for student behavior and administration of studetn conduct (University Policy Register 4-02.1) A. The vice president for student affairs (or designee) maintains discretion to decide, on a case by case basis, whether the code of student conduct shall be applied to conduct occurring off campus. The procedural standards shall be readily accessible to all students and student organizations. The vice president for student affairs may establish such administrative procedures as are necessary to fulfill the intent of the code of student conduct. Residence hall restriction and/or room/hall changes 13. The university provost (or designee) holds the authority to resolve academic misconduct, and the Office of Student Conduct may assist with logistical, administrative and/or facilitative actions as necessary. The code of student conduct shall apply to a student's conduct (or student organization's) conduct even if the student withdraws (or the student organization ceases functioning/loses university-recognized status) from the university while a disciplinary matter is pending. Students and student organizations shall adhere to operational procedures for the administration of student conduct under this rule or rule 3342-4-02.1 of the Administrative Code. The primary responsibility for the supervision of student conduct at the university has been delegated to the vice president for student affairs. Persona non grata (PNG) status (campus access restriction) 12. Plagiarism, cheating and other forms of academic misconduct are subject to processes outlined in administrative policy regarding student cheating and plagiarism (3-01.8).The County Register provides a service for town and country people throughout the land.

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