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You may wonder why we pay so much attention to data structures and why we review them in such a great details.The reason is we aim to make out of you thinking software engineers.Third Party Link Disclaimer All third party websites linked to this site are independently owned and operated.Rent is not responsible for the content or operations of linked sites.Without knowing the basic data structures and computer algorithms in programming well, you cannot be good developers and risk to stay an amateur.Whoever knows data structures and algorithms well and starts thinking about their correct use has big chance to become a professional – one that analyzes the problems in depth and proposes efficient solutions.

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"Parents marry off their daughters to be relieved of the cost of their care or because they believe a husband's family can offer better protection," UNICEF said.

In this chapter we will compare the data structures we have learned so far by the performance (execution speed) of the basic operations (addition, search, deletion, etc.).