My computer keeps updating shut down interracialdatingworld com

14-Jul-2017 09:30

-Aqua The problem appears to be the computer, and not the OS. Regardless, I cleaned a trojan and a backdoor from his system from safe mode. Everytime i try the system gets hung up at the windows loading screen... Sometimes it turns on completely, sometimes it will restart at that...

my computer keeps updating shut down-19

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Also, sometimes for no reason it just reboots while I'm on desktop (with games it shuts down completely). Does the computer seem to reboot after the same amount of time playing games?

Friend try disableing all antivirus firewalls and all antivirus programs It also happened with me while flashing through ADT but after this its OK.

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Please tell me what may be the problem and how to rectify it Regards Harini A lot of people here concerned about CPU temperature – yes they DO get hot! Some people here seem to have almost rebuilt their computer to solve this shut-down problem!

However, it has happened to me a number of times lately and here was my cause and my solutions: POSSIBLE CAUSE: I was running Advanced System Care, which apparently runs in the background and continuously scrubs the registry for junk files.If you could update your your Systems Specs (need more info) to include the CPU, Ram, number of drives, age of the computer, these specs would allow other members to get an idea of what your problem could be, thus giving you some good suggestions as to what you can do. My computer does not go past the "starting windows" logo on my computer. On top of that im not even able to do a system restore because of some type of error.

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