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The resulting loci are the highly conserved that we target for use as molecular markers. 2009) probes that are similar in sequence to the UCE loci we are targeting. Here's a list of UCE-related talks at various conferences.

These probe sets differ in number and composition, depending on the types of questions we are asking and the taxa with which we are working. Mc Cormack JE, Faircloth BC, Crawford NG, Gowaty PA, Brumfield RT, Glenn TC. Ultraconserved Elements Are Novel Phylogenomic Markers that Resolve Placental Mammal Phylogeny when Combined with Species Tree Analysis. Slides are available for each talk by clicking on the linked talk title.

The key difference between JSON_VALUE and JSON_QUERY is that JSON_VALUE returns a scalar value, while JSON_QUERY returns an object or an array. Test the built-in functions described in this topic by running the following examples with the Adventure Works sample database, which contains JSON data. Then it filters the results by city (stored in JSON) and Order Date (stored in an ordinary column).

To get the Adventure Works sample database, click here. DECLARE @territoryid INT; DECLARE @city NVARCHAR(32); SET @territoryid=3; SET @city=N' Seattle'; SELECT JSON_VALUE(Info, '$. Name') AS Customer, Status, SUM(Sub Total) AS Total FROM Sales.

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Advanced Features include: AJAX/Web Services, XML/JSON Data Viewer, API data/Execution.

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Easily integrated into existing Dev stacks using their partnership integrations and REST API.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Google's tool for validating, microformats and other structured data.

Handles HTML marked up with microdata, RDFa, RDFa Lite and JSON-LD, by direct input or by fetching an existing URL.

With IDscan, document authentication is literally at the tip of your fingers.

Mobile App Details IDscan Power Batch plunges into large repositories of data, and mines critical information from any image.IDscan reads, extracts data from and authenticates a multitude of complex documents including passports, visas, ID cards, driving licenses, utility bills and work permits.

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