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06-Aug-2016 22:19

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This is the first injunction to reach the Court of Appeal for five years and is predicted to prompt the latest series of legal disputes between celebrities and the press over privacy injunctions.The entertainer is reported to have had a “three-way sexual encounter” with another couple over four years ago. There is a conflict of evidence as to whether they met through a mutual friend or on Facebook.

One question […] » Read More It is common knowledge that most, at least half of marriages end in divorce.

The claimant and AB had occasional sexual encounters starting in 2009,” Lord Justice Jackson explained in the appeal court judgment. In a text message exchange on 15 December 2011, the claimant asked if CD was ‘up for a three-way’. Accordingly, the three met for a three-way sexual encounter which they duly carried out.

After that encounter, the sexual relationship between the claimant and AB came to an end, but they remained friends.” The "committed couple" approached Steve Kennedy, the editor of newspaper, just a few months ago in January and told him about their relationship with the prominent figure.

[…] » Read More There are a lot of things happening when you’re having an affair. You’re having fun, so that’s all you care about at first.

It isn’t until much later that you realize all the mistakes you made that could have been avoided with just a little forethought.The judge also took into account the effect the likely to ensue “media storm” would have on the young children of the couple.