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21-Mar-2017 20:45

What had been open communities became defensive pa.It was a huge construction exercise that resulted in something like 7000 pa being built across Aotearoa in about 350 years.The radiocarbon dating laboratory at Waikato was established in 1975, primarily as a research tool in the fields of geomorphology, volcanology, tephrostratigraphy, coastal studies, and paleolimnology, to cope with the increasing supply of late Quaternary lake sediment, wood, peat, and shell samples submitted by University staff and postgraduate students undertaking research in the North Island of New Zealand.The method employed is scintillation counting of benzene using the procedures and vacuum systems designed by H A Polach for the Australian National University (ANU) Radiocarbon Dating Research Laboratory (Hogg, 1982).There are two radiocarbon dating laboratories in New Zealand; the Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory at the University of Waikato in Hamilton and the Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory at Geological & Nuclear Sciences in Wellington.

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Other dates on material submitted by individuals working in other organizations in New Zealand, and overseas, are to be reported later.

This turn towards walls and protection – and their approximate age – has been known for years but now scientists have applied a technique that can date some pa with much higher precision.

If won't necessarily answer "why" Maori needed to fortify their villages, but it gives a much clearer answer on "when".

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