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Gil Yosipovitch, professor and chair of dermatology, Temple University Medical Center; director, Temple Itch Center.

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I had two little babies, a grown-up daughter, and a husband who was another baby.

Nobody actually told me that there’s no cure, so I was desperate. When I learned that there’s no way to get rid of it forever, I was devastated. You can scrub off the dry, white skin, but underneath it’s raw and pink. The expert I saw said he couldn’t treat me from afar because you have to see him twice a week for a year. Luckily my sister and mother live in Oregon, so they said, “Let’s just move you out here.” I tried three different trials for six or seven months, and it was just horrible. Now I try to stay away from the medication because there are people who are getting cancer and I don’t want to risk death from trying to keep my skin nice.