Tfs warehouse not updating

22-Sep-2016 22:11

Click on Invoke to change the setting You can also choose to refresh the cube once. Select the Process Warehouse web service from the list 3. To check the status of the warehouse update, you can check the Get Processing Status webservice.

Enter in the collection Name the name of the Project Collection you want to refresh. Go back to the list of webservices and click on the Process Analysis Database webservice, and enter in the process Type textbox the value Full. You can leave the parameters for the webservice blank to retrieve all information.

Be aware that SSRS is caching the reports, which means that when the data might not be refreshed in the SSRS report as you expected.

For changing the caching settings of the reports see To change the interval, choose the Change Setting webservice 4.

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Reporting (SSRS and Excel) in TFS makes use of Sql Server Analysis Server, or OLAP cube. This is in most cases frequently enough to get the correct information. You can either change the interval of the warehouse refreshment or you can refresh the cube manually.

The default collection is named Default Collection, but you can change that in the collection that is in use on your TFS environment. The warehouse update is ready when all jobs have the “Idle” job status.

Whenever I talk about TFS, one of the things I always mention is the fact that because all the data about the software project is now being tracked in a SQL Server database, Microsoft were able to stick a Data Warehouse over the top of all that raw data to give you a really good view on reporting.

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Our new data center isn’t running at production levels yet, so a power failure due to human error is not surprising.This is where the real benefits of standardizing on a single ALM solution can really reap rewards and Microsoft in their wisdom give us these reporting features in all versions of TFS including the 5-user limited TFS Workgroup edition that is included with most peoples MSDN subscription.

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