Dating vintage revere ware

14-Oct-2016 18:08

Revere Ware produced during the good years of 1939-1968 has a stamp on the bottom that includes a circle and either the words “Process Patent” or “Pat.

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By 1985 the cookware subsidiary Revere Ware Incorporated, which had remained profitable, had been sold to Corning Glass inc.. had expanded Revere Ware from the four lines at their acquisition, to over dozen lines, while ceasing any domestic manufacturing.It produced a wide variety of household products (by the 1920’s it claimed to have made over 10,000), including kettles, washtubs, stills, bed-warmers, sauce pans, skillets, tea kettles and coffee pots.The Rome plant was updated in the mid 1920’s and boasted the latest equipment and most modern laboratories in the industry.The three-layer titanium reinforced non-stick coating is dishwasher and metal utensil safe making your clean up easy.

One basically says to soak in hot water, and the other describes using 409 or some other cleaners to remove it, so I assume they have used various types of coatings over the years.Revere Ware is a line of consumer and commercial kitchen wares introduced in 1939 by the Revere Brass & Copper Corp.