I keep dating abusive men

05-Aug-2016 03:19

During the very early stages of a relationship, an abuser is not likely to show his true colors.

Abusive men wait until an attachment bond is formed, and then slowly start taking more and more control of a woman’s life until he has her completely under his thumb.

They thrive on making a woman feel inferior in all things.

The object is to tear her down to make her feel weak, insecure and co-dependent.

Back in the late 80’s she hooked up with another scammer, Dr. He had lost all of his doctor hospital privileges, had his medical license revoked, and had opened up a birthing clinic in Southern California.

I met Milos a few times as a teen and he reminded me of a very charming snake oil salesman. Doc, my adoptive mother, went into business with him, and together they scammed people into doing cheap births in their clinic.

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