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Custer and All His Men Were Killed The 7th Cavalry on June 25, 1876, consisted of about 31 officers, 586 soldiers, 33 Indian scouts and 20 civilian employees. When the smoke cleared on the evening of June 26, 262 were dead, 68 were wounded and six later died of their wounds.

The first two myths are widely held fallacies that do not require Indian testimony to discredit; the last eight myths are largely discredited by eyewitness accounts of those on the winning side.

(Image: A giant on Rock Art Canyon Ranch, Winslow, Arizona) Nagib refused to tell Spörri where the finger was found but made allusions to a hidden room in the basementof the Great Pyramid where huge, empty graves are located.

Nagib made it clear that the relic was not for sale as it was too important for Nagib's family.

An examination of 10 of the major myths about the Battle of the Little Bighorn follows.

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” If you’re like most of us, the answer is, not many.Or are misidentified as flamboyant drag queens (think “Ru Paul”). Many people incorrectly associate being transgender with automatically living an “crazy lifestyle” based on tv and in the movies. But all transgender people do the everyday things that are a part of life. Just because a person is different, doesn’t mean they don’t know who they are. It’s because in a patriarchal society, being gender variant causes a lot of distress.Don't believe these common vagina-related urban legends.So instead Spörri embarked on intensive research into the possibility of the existence of giants in ancient times.

He studied sacred texts like the Bible (the Gospel of Judas), the Torah (Talmud), the Koran, and many other writings containing tales and mythologies.

The disease is progressive and irreversible -- but it isn't inevitable as we age.

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