Plain jane dating

28-May-2017 04:02

Unlucky-in-love Cherelle Neille believes she has been unable to find a boyfriend because she is too good-looking.Single mother Cherelle, 26, from Manchester, claims her beautiful face is a curse - because potential boyfriends only see her as arm candy.The research, by dating website, found some female assumptions about men were far from the truth.Many women, for example, believe men are intimidated by successful women.we wouldn't want to dissappoint our audience after for your reading pleasure we have constructed a mediocre dating guide. things to remember: its worthless to be nervous for a date.

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'They continually think just because I'm good looking, I am going to be rude or stuck up.But it seems the highly groomed, highly made-up look favoured by singer Christina Aguilera could be making way for the more understated approach of Gwyneth Paltrow.