Dating before marriage essay

23-Aug-2016 21:57

You’d want to know if your steady’s trying to pay off a six-figure law school loan or hasn’t saved a dime towards retirement yet, right?

While we know it’s important, many of us shy away from asking our partners key questions related to savings, investments, debt and credit.

Substantial evidence associates cohabitation with negative relationship outcomes.

Pre-marital cohabitation is viewed as a risk factor for divorce as it predicts later marital instability, poorer marriage quality, and less relationship satisfaction (Kamp, Dush, Cohan, & Amato, 2003; Stanley et al., 2004).

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Living together is not full of the stuff you see in rom-coms (it can often seem like The Break Up), and university studies show that believing movies' portrayal of ideal relationships can increase your chance for dissatisfaction in your relationships. Couples who live together learn about each other and start to form an identity working as a team.Pro: You get to learn more about your partner before you commit to marriage.