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However, she is extremly great in sports, able to run faster than all her friends. Konata was able to fight back though, and delivered a powerful kick to Stinkoman's head, sending him flying and crashing into a tree. He then threw the Cheatball at her, knocking her to the ground.Konata Izumi, or Izumi Konata in her birthplace of Japan, is an Anime Character from the show Lucky Star Konata enjoys anime although being in an anime herself and is pretty much a boy with everything.

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She also enjoys playing Video Games, her favorites types being adult dating sims, fighting games, and RPGs.Later, she First appearing in Volume 4, Kō is the president of the Animation Research Club and Hiyori's "boss" on the club's periodicals. Does not appear in the anime, but she did appear in the While she doesn't appear often in the manga, she gets introduced with Ko often.

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