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First model Bedrocks were numbered 2 thru 8 and only the 3 line Bedrock Cap and frog design distinguished them from the regular line of bench planes. It has the proper 3 line Bedrock cap, round sides, 1 screw frog adjuster and low front knob of a type 4. Everything else about this fine 607 jointer plane is Like New / Fine and all original. He applied his trademark coat of clear lacquer to protect it from rusting and put it in a glass front case he made for his collection. The type 1 / 2 Bedrocks had the special new mated frog design but were numbered with just a single number.

Stanley soon changed their numbers to be the 600 series to set them apart form the standard line of bench planes. Over the years the Bedrock name on the lever cap changed from a 3 line Bedrock cap, to a single line Bedrock, then to a short lived 2 line version. The other distinguishing feature of these early Bed Rocks is that there is a milled out area where a patent date that was in conflict with a competitors patent was ground out. It has been lightly cleaned, and has a rich dark patina. A previous owner did scratch his name on the side with an electric pen.

The standard lever cap used by competitors applied pressure to the chip breaker/cutter assembly at two points—one at the point of contact with the cap’s cam lever, the other along the lower edge where it made contact with the hump of the chip breaker.

The hinged cap was designed to apply force to the chip breaker/cutter assembly at a third point, just above the chip breaker hump.

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After a short period Stanley flattened the side rails of this line of planes to make them look more distinctive from their regular offerings. Nice enough for the collection, or it will make a great user. The one apology is the nick in the 3 line lever cap. The tag on the side indicates the collector bought this in 1987 about 35 years ago. Overall it is a very nice plane and good enough for the collection, or will be a fine user. There is no rust or pitting to speak of, just some dust from sitting on the shelf. The knob and handle are the premium Rosewood of the era and very nice. It was not until the type 3 offered in 1900 that they started using the 600 series to number the planes and differentiate them from the regular line of bench planes.

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