Validating european patent

06-Sep-2016 04:46

A European patent has been granted when the European Patent Office (EPO) has published a mention of the grant in the European Patent Bulletin.

For the patent to enter into force in Finland, you have to pay a publication fee and submit the required translations to us within three months from the date the EPO publication.

Disbursements (administrative costs, postage, typing etc.): EUR 15-35/country.

All our other fees depend on the volume of the text of the European patent application.

A translation of the patent claims and the title of the invention must be submitted to us in Finnish.

You do not need to have the description translated, if it is in English in the EP patent as granted.

Usually the following factors need to be provided for a precise quotation:1.

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NPI offers the following services: - International Searching Authority and Preliminary Examination Authority under the PCT system for residents of the contracting states - International Type Searches in connection with national patent applications - Supplementary International Searches - Searches for other patent authorities and private customers.The applicant must reply to the European Patent Office to indicate either that the text of the specification is approved, or that it is not approved, or that it is not approved and proposing amendments.In the latter case, if the amendments are not acceptable, further examination is likely.Our European patent validation fees are calculated on the basis of the number of words in the source language, so you will have an accurate cost estimate at the beginning of each project.

Please, note that we provide translation services only from English as the source language.Taken as a whole, the economy of the European Union is the largest in the world (larger than the US), and about 25% of world GDP. Strictly speaking, there is not yet a ‘European patent’.

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