Is continental casualty liquadating

15-Jan-2017 13:41

Call volume is heavy, and callers are often placed on hold and at times, even disconnected.As a result, certain customer information received by the call center was lost, incorrectly communicated or delayed in transmission to the client.We will be recruiting a local management team to be based in Luxembourg, comprising risk, finance and compliance functions." Dino Robusto, Chairman and CEO of CNA said: "After the result of the referendum last year, we began planning to ensure we maintained our ability to write and service European Union business.We are committed to our operations within Europe, and building upon our global reach.In addition, if you carry MPL insurance, don't allow your coverage to lapse.

Wiley Rein also has an extensive practice before appellate courts throughout the nation.

The firm’s Insurance Appellate Practice includes many former judicial clerks from federal and state courts, and the Group also calls on the expertise of the firm's former United States Supreme Court clerks.

Wiley Rein has the capability to provide full briefing and oral argument of insurance issues in any appellate setting.

In so holding, the Court cited for the proposition that extrinsic evidence must be admitted to establish the intent of the parties where the meaning of the language can only be known by looking at the surrounding circumstances.

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The Court went on to explain that “[i]n that situation the language used by the parties is subject to different meanings and is, thus ambiguous, or more precisely, not reflective of the parties shared intent.

The Insurance Appellate Practice often advises insurance clients on coordinated nationwide litigation strategy for the pursuit of desired legal results and minimizing litigation risks, including the selection of cases and issues for appeal.