Updating php on windows who is justin gaston dating now

08-Nov-2016 17:50

But still if you want to upgrade then since you are using XAMPP, upgrading the PHP to higher version separately and then integrating it with XAMPP may become an extra work and complicated too.

In such case the best and easy solution is to get the XAMPP version which includes PHP of higher version you are looking for.

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In order to change your site's version of PHP through IIS Manager, you'll first need to have IIS Manager installed on your local machine, and know how to log into your site with it.

One of the great things about WAMP is that it allows you to easily switch between different versions of PHP.

All you need to do is properly install the different versions of PHP for your machine.

So copy pasting the mysql data files from old to new xampp won’t work anymore!

Find more on at a dedicated PHP developer, you should upgrade or make hands dirty with the new version of php.

I have php 5.4.8 and I want to upgrade to php 5.6.5.

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