Dating french men in america updating information on credit reports

27-Dec-2016 13:10

Perhaps it's just the charismatic magnetism that seems to follow the French around wherever they go.

Whatever it is; French individuals have a nice niche in the United States as uniquely appealing people, and dating among French Americans is admired by pretty much everyone, save maybe those envious Americans who wish they had a French lover themselves. You can use their advanced search to view photo profiles.

The United States has always had a bit of a fascination with the French.

Maybe it's the “language of love” accent that everyone seems to woo themselves over, where British accents that make Americans think of Harry Potter or Scottish and Irish dialects which derive thoughts of leprechauns and Braveheart don't have quite the same effect.

Perhaps a similar mentality also exists in France, between local men and women.

I don’t know, because I was not a local, but a rare and exotic foreigner.

She was from Brittany and thus had one of those terribly sexy accents that American tourists are always trying to imitate (“Eet woood be a plezzure to join yoo for deener”). As we left the restaurant and made our way along the Seine, the icy air whipped us mercilessly.

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I've dated several people with different ethnic backgrounds, and it never fazed me.

Though we may have had our differences, we still shared the commonality of being American.

Before meeting my Frenchman, I had no idea how large of a role culture could play in relationships.

It’s true that dating culture varies from the United States to France.

It wasn’t Bridget Jones syndrome, where my social ineptitude or hand-eye coordination mishaps could be blamed. The main factor that increased my feminine mystique while in France was a certain : I was American. He was a complete stranger, and I said hello to him in the Times Square subway station in New York City.

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