Meaning of elucidating

07-Feb-2017 04:08

Why do modern myths such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Dune Trilogy or the Matrix Movies; have such a powerful and profound effect on people? And all through the history of humankind why have myths been stories of such central importance to their respective cultures and which have held them in such high regard?

What is the meaning of Myth, their significance and purpose? The word Mythology derives from the Greek word ‘mythos’, which means story.

Therefore myths are stories but at the same time not all stories are myths.

So what then are these stories that comprise the Mythology of the World.

This is called the tarigat, the spiritual path or way towards God.

The sufi is one who is a lover of Truth, who by means of love and devotion moves towards the Truth, towards the perfection which all are truly seeking.

A novelist can hope to achieve fame after he dies, but an actor knows that his fame is limited to what he enjoys during his career.

Similarly, the characters in a play have only three hours to experience the totality of their being.

It describes the allegorical nature of Mythology and suggests that they contain behind their often fairy tale and fantastical nature, hidden truths and higher meanings.

And it is always rewarding to see students and post-docs who train in my lab going on to establish their own successful research programmes.

My research has always focussed on understanding the genetic control of animal development.

What we will try to do in this chapter is to unlock these higher meanings behind the World’s Myths and provide a better understanding of what Myths are really about.

In a sense, Myths are stories that talk about the higher things and the more profound subject matters.

has dominated academic philosophy in various regions, most notably Great Britain and the United States, since the early twentieth century.