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27-Nov-2016 04:26

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In the latest bizarre celeb romance news, international superstar David Hasselhoff has been wooing an international girlfriend for the last 3 months who is a part-time model and full time factory worker!The Hoff, currently judging , met 31-year-old Hayley Roberts while filming auditions for the talent show and has been reportedly making regular visits to the small town of Glynneath to visit her.“We’ve got plenty of time, so if he does ask, I think we’d be engaged for a few years before we actually married.” Although Roberts sort of sugarcoats it, her mother tells it like it is when it comes to why her daughter won’t marry the former Baywatch star, and it has a lot to do with their age difference.“She has told me that he keeps asking her and she says she likes him a lot, but she’s still quite young and that’s what the problem is,” her mother said back in 2011.“Thank you for celebrating @The Real Stan Lee with us!! “Also thank you to @omaze and @Make AWish for being a part of the @The Real Stan Lee event!! :)” The two-hour program mixed live appearances with video tributes and animated segments that told the story of Stan‘s career.We’ve been going at 90 miles an hour since we met,” he told HELLO! “When I proposed before, we were just having fun with the romance of it all and having a laugh with the fans on Twitter.” Marriage or not, the celebrity couple says they’re still perfectly content in their May-December relationship.

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The 24-years-old Hayley Amber Hasselhoff is an American actress and model.

The dating rumor of Kyle Christie dating Hayley Hasselhoff has topped the news chart recently.

The couple is immensely seen together and fans are enjoying their now and then steamy gossips.

She was very unassuming, very pretty but very quiet - she was a very sweet girl.

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He was talking about the weather and local pictures on the wall.

Hayley is the girl who was born and raised by her iconic father, ‘Baywatch’ actor David Hasselhoff being used to the finer things in Los Angeles.