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Michelle is a friend of Roman's girlfriend, Mallorie, and introduced early in the story during the mission "Three's A Crowd".Because of certain circumstances later in the story, you have a limited time to date her and try to be invited in for hot coffee.None Kate is the younger sister of Packie Mc Reary who will tell Niko to take her out after the mission "Waste Not Want Knots".Depending on choices made near the end of the game, you may not be able to date her forever.The other three girlfriends require you to contact them by using the in-game internet.

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Some of the websites will actually affect the gameplay inside GTA 5, while others appear just to be there for information, laughs, or simply to amuse the developers.The three girlfriends found on the internet have special abilities that can be unlocked when they like Niko enough (fondness).