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06-Jul-2017 22:24

Also widely used were animals fats (butter, fish oil, shark liver, whale blubber, seals).

Most modern lamps (such as fueled lanterns) have been replaced by gas-based or petroleum-based fuels to operate when emergency non-electric light is required.

At this boundary between the core and the rocky mantle above, the temperature is almost 4,000℃ degrees, similar to that on the surface of a star, with a pressure more than 1.3m times that at the Earth’s surface.

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Matt Robinson is an artist and designer, and he’s got a new gadget that is changing the way you will look at desk art.

Matt and his company MTR Designs takes a magnetic fluid and suspends it in a clear liquid, creating a beautiful, moving piece of art called a ferrofluid sculpture.

The oversized pebbles come in various shapes and sizes suitable as floor pillows, loungers and footstools.

A ragged, rocky edge lends a sense of gravity to this natural stone table by Lex Pott.

The use of oil lamps began thousands of years ago and continues to this day, although not commonly anymore.They are often associated with stories in which rubbing an oil lamp would summon a genie dwelling in it, like seen in Aladdin.

The same scheme was later applied to the Greek mainland and the Cyclades Islands to form a general plan for dating events of the prehistoric and early historic Aegean.… continue reading »

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Raised in Gloucestershire, she became a backup dancer after moving to south London when she was 17 years old.… continue reading »

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