Anniversaries celebrate while dating

12-Nov-2016 07:06

my boyfriend and i acknowledge our annual "first date" anniversary (which is coincidentally the same day we moved in together), but never anything big.i feel sort of cheesy really celebrating anything less than marriage.^ i think a month, six months etc is crazy talk!I celebrate non-anniversaries as kind of a joke with my boyfriend just to have a silly excuse to do something fun! I do agree it's kind of juvenile, but young love these days hardly ever makes it to a year, lol. Lol I did this the first year I was with my fiancé because he was my first long term relationship so it got me excited knowing we made it through another month.But now that we're into 2.5 years I stopped that and now only do it annually.

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Whatever we felt like doing at the time that seemed fitting with our schedules etc.

Three-Day Anniversary: You Tube Video If you have made it through two nights of sexual-tension-laden IM chatting with your classmates, then it is worth celebrating your burgeoning relationship. We can't imagine a better way to show your devotion to this person you've been together with for between twenty-eight and thirty-one days than giving them one, maybe three, of these priceless treasures.

This is the perfect time to send that special someone a link to a really nice You Tube video. If that's a bit too much for your budget, consider making them scrambled eggs or a meal of equal or greater deliciousness.

Another thing is when they call it an anniversary when it's been 3 months. Like recently I celebrated my 1 year 7 month milestone.

I agree though, it annoys me when people call it an anniversary each month.Fortunately (and perhaps fortuitously) this is also International Women’s Day – another handy way for me to remember this very important day!