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29-Jan-2017 16:13

A study cited in a just-published evaluation of the ugly problem of sexual exploitation by U. peacekeepers calculates that as many as 58,000 women in Monrovia, Liberia, alone engaged in prohibited “transactional” sex with peacekeepers in return for food, clothing, money or other favors—mostly money-- over a nine-year period ending in 2012.

By contrast, in 2012, the United Nations peacekeeping force in Liberia, or UNMIL, reported just nine substantiated allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse, out of 61 such allegations across all such U. missions, according to an annual report put out the following year by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s office.

He and his boy soldiers would charge into battle naked apart from boots and machine guns.

The attackers, mostly young men armed with clubs, shouted that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf "is broke" and "there's no Ebola" in Liberia as they broke into the unit in a Monrovia suburb, Ms Wesseh said.