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The book, we noted, had become a sensation, despite focussing on what would seem to be the least exciting aspect of professional sports: upper management.Beane was a failed Major League Baseball player who went into the personnel side of the business and, by applying superior “metrics,” had remarkable success with a financial underdog.In industry, accelerators are an integral part of processing a broad range of products, from treating foodstuffs for increased shelf life to microelectronics inside smartphones.In fact, it is estimated that every year accelerators treat over £350 billion worth of products.

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Espy and descry both stress acuteness of sight that permits the detection of something distant or not readily noticeable: "He drove off about five miles, speeding, before he espied a turnoff into a dirt road" (Flannery O'Connor)."the lighthouse, which can be descried from a distance" (Michael Strauss).We loved the book—and pointed out that, unbeknownst to the author, it was really about behavioral economics, the combination of economics and psychology in which we shared a common interest, and which we had explored together with respect to public policy and law.