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Our office is located on the 9th floor of the State Capitol and open am - pm Monday - Friday.

The problem with making consent the sole criterion of the Good is that it’s merely a social convention.He was preceded in death by his son James Danyl, mother Marie Horlyk, father Hector Sparks, brothers Don Sparks and Gerald Sparks, and sisters Jane Horlyk and Albena Reinke along with many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.Dan was born in Yankton, SD in 1943 to Hector Sparks and Marie Horlyk.LEARN MORE: Reporting Abuse and Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult People living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, basic care homes, or hospital swing bed, transitional and sub-acute settings may have concerns about their care. Information about how an agency or individual can enroll as a Qualified Service Provider (QSP) to provide personal or attendant care services, homemaker services and other approved services to eligible individuals.

The North Dakota Legislature passed the Vulnerable Adult Protective Service Law in 1989.

The following Regional Adult Learning Centers and satellite sites are open to serve the public who need basic education and secondary education services.