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We take any allegations of civilian casualties seriously, and per standard, we are conducting an assessment into the situation to determine the facts on the ground," the US said in a statement.

Somalia's information ministry at first said the raid killed eight al-Shabaab fighters and that the extremists began shooting at Somali forces, adding that "no civilians were harmed or killed." A later, corrected statement said "it appears that there were different security operations" in the area.

She seemed independent and low-maintenance, important traits for starved, tortured, poisoned, and murdered." James Vollmer, Leavell-Keaton's attorney, described John De Blase in his opening statements as an abusive boyfriend that beat his children and strangled them by himself.

He claimed that the prosecution's assertion that Leavell-Keaton dosed the two children with anti-freeze was told to investigators by "jailhouse snitches." "The state wants to overcome their lack of evidence with excuses and explanations," Vollmer said.

Three children aged 8 to 10 and a woman were among the dead, the deputy governor said.

Their blanket-wrapped bodies were laid out in a grassy courtyard.

The farmers were killed "one by one" after soldiers stormed into Barire village early on Friday, the deputy governor of Lower Shabelle region, Ali Nur Mohamed, told reporters in the capital, Mogadishu, as victims' bloodied bodies were on display.

Somalia's information ministry at first said al-Shabaab extremists were killed but later noted "civilian casualties," adding that it appeared more than one security operation had taken place.

This list does not necessarily include war criminals or members of democidal governments, such as Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo, Joseph Stalin, or Pol Pot.

They were found Saturday afternoon inside a house in the city of Citronelle, about 30 miles northwest of Mobile.