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He agreed and a collaboration was born – Mogutin appeared in one of No Bra’s music videos, while No Bra provided the sound for the Post-Apocalyptic zombies performance that he did with Bruce La Bruce at the Hole Gallery in New York. Slava Mogutin: It’s about searching for an alternative queer space outside of societal norms that is different from the institutionalised (and heavily regulated) gay venues with a complicated code of conduct.“I think we were simply destined to do a track together! Here, the two premiere this film and discuss cruising, censorship and how you can get away with more “cock, ass and tits” in the UK. It’s about claiming the public space and making it your own.If you know anything about London, you’ll know that Hampstead Heath has got a rep for cruising.And while hooking up in public is still frowned upon in some areas of society, for LGBTQ people living in a world where queer sexual expression is often kept behind closed doors or within the confines of gay bars and clubs, it can represent a real act of liberation.It’s about breaking the walls and rejecting the sterile “gay norm” promoted by the mainstream consumerist culture.I vividly remember my first cruising experience as a teenager in Moscow, spiked by the sense of danger and adrenaline rush from breaking the law.

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We left early because we were going to see Bob Dylan, who was playing in town. Neither of them is what you would call a talker, so when they had a conversation it was like watching a game of chess.

Cruising is a subject explored by artists Susanne Oberbeck aka No Bra and Slava Mogutin in a new collaborative project titled “I’m Your Man,” which takes its name after Leonard Cohen’s 1988 song.

The three-minute short film is about the idea of the moral police and actual policing of queer spaces, as well as gender inequality when it comes to public nudity – Mogutin recalls how a woman was recently arrested in New York for being topless in public as a reminder of the sexism that still permeates our society.

The second is Potiphera, priest of Heliopolis, then Jethro, priest of Midian both pagan priests of their era.

The Torah mentions Melchizedek king of Salem, identified by Rashi as being Shem the son of Noah, as a "priest" kohen to El Elyon (the supreme God) Genesis .READ MORE: Trudeau makes cameo in Junos skit with co-hosts Bryan Adams, Russell Peters Cohen won album of the year for “You Want It Darker,” making it the second posthumous Juno honour for Montreal’s poet laureate.

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