Cme phone time not updating

14-May-2017 20:39

A tar archive or zip file contains the files needed for Cisco Unified CME.

Be sure to download the correct version for your hardware platform and IOS load.

Once the port is closed or IP range is blocked, all working orders previously entered will continue to work.

If the sessions are Cancel on Disconnect (COD) enabled, then the COD functionality will cancel all day and sessions orders.

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The CME Group Globex Port Closure Policy is designed to protect CME Group markets and systems from potentially detrimental behavior.

If the CME Global Command Center (GCC) detects behavior, either i Link or Network based, that may be potentially detrimental to CME Group Globex markets or systems, and this behavior is not corrected in a timely manner, the GCC will take action by either closing the ports for the applicable i Link session, or blocking problematic IP ranges.