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Bond’s satisfaction at being bankrolled by the British government is evident – and infectious: this was the last time that Craig was allowed to be truly relaxed and charismatic in the role.Its star’s excellent performance aside, the true hero of Casino Royale is Martin Campbell, a steady directorial hand dating back to 1994’s No Escape, a dystopian prison break thriller shot on his home turf of the Seventh Continent, and subsequently on most of the Hollywood genre fare he was offered after Golden Eye. As the director behind two effective series reboots, Campbell surely deserves a little monument in some corner of the Fleming-verse, but where Golden Eye revelled in old-school cartooniness, Casino Royale was calibrated for (relative) seriousness from the get-go – a tone very much in vogue in the mid-2000s after the critical and commercial success of Batman Begins.The couple also spent some time together at Glastonbury, with the Read All About it rapper tweeting that he had been hanging out with Rita. This is according to our brand new psychological study conducted by e uk’s relationship experts, who in honour of the release of the new Bond Movie have uncovered the best female match for Bond from the film series to date.Disney is eager to find a star performer for the new film after a deal for Chris Pine to play the male lead recently fell through, according to Deadline.The studio has enjoyed considerable commercial success with live-action movies over recent years, having produced the likes of 'Cinderella', 'The Jungle Book' and the new 'Beauty and the Beast', which stars Emma Watson. " And despite being one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, Eva also admitted she has not always been so confident. James Bond expert Brian Pendreigh completed psychological profiles for fifteen of the most iconic Bond girls since 1962, and a composite profile for 007 himself.

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When Daniel Craig took over as 007 in the 2006 Bond film Casino Royale, he brought some exciting new attributes to the role.

Take the quick quiz below to see which iconic Bond “girl” you would be best matched with. Find out whether it’s dashing Daniel Craig or the suave Sean Connery you would be compatible with our quiz ‘Which Bond is Your Compatible Match? Izabella Scorupco) came out on top due to her calmness in dealing with tricky situations and her willingness to let Bond take the lead – necessary qualities when coping with the secret agent’s hectic lifestyle.

Alongside this, her warmth and capacity to care are complimentary characteristics to 007’s more stoic nature, making her more likely to form a lasting bond with Bond.

Rounding out the top three is Anya Amasova ( – Barbara Bach).

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Her independent nature means both would get enough space in their relationship – key for lone wolf 007.

Fans had even romantically "shipped" Sprouse and Reinhart during 's first season, so fans should be pleased to know that all their "Bughead" fantasies are slowly coming true.

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