Dating in college vs dating in high school

06-Apr-2017 17:00

That's what every high school girl who never got asked out wants to know.When all the guys are immature and all the nice guys like the popular girls, it’s comforting to know that college guys are way better, right? There’s not some magical shift that happens in guys’ brains in the summer before college starts.We wouldn’t be going on dates to get cheap slices of pizza, we wouldn’t be trying to sneak in sexy times without parents knowing, and we definitely wouldn’t be dating a dude who thought it was funny to fart while cuddling.We would be with mature guys who took us on real dates, bought us real presents, and treated us perfectly.Take for example, one of the guys who lived on my floor last year: he was funny, cute, and generally a nice guy.Us girls always talked about how he would be the perfect boyfriend (which is why he already had a girlfriend).Of course, I don’t blame MTV; would anyone watch a show about college life if all the characters did were go to class and do homework?As someone who wasn’t exactly a party animal in high school, I was nervous about the so-called hook up culture in college.

Coming into college, I expected way more students to be in relationships.My expectations for college dating culture came from the media.