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24-Mar-2017 11:04

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But the whole point of dhcp is to configure the network interfaces of those client nodes, no?Make sure the switchports of the DHCP server and the clients are in the same VLAN, or use a DHCP helper.

To properly implement a Cobbler installation server, administrators need to either have administrative access to the network's DHCP server or implement DHCP on the Cobbler server itself.

Tivoli Configuration Manager controls configuration, distribution, change, version, and asset management in a multiplatform environment.

With Cobbler, you can install machines without manual intervention.

When the number of machines increases, elements like the TFTP directory can get messy unless you pay close attention to the files organization.

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Cobbler addresses these shortcomings by creating a central point of management for all aspects of machine provisioning. For now, I only have one node configured and running (Cent OS 7) : a management node.