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It starts from the Airport Intersection and travels northwest before terminating at a junction at Verona Beach, where it becomes Santa Maria Drive, which travels through Rodeo before terminating at the Flint Intersection, connecting to the San Fierro Highway.

Although it has two lanes for each direction, it is not a high-speed road.

If an image you want is not yet uploaded, contact Ron Reznick (info at bottom of page). Mary Major) is the largest Marian church in Romeand the oldest Western church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

It was founded in352 AD by Pope Liberius and enlarged in 432 by Pope Sixtus III.

Taking the train from Rome to Florence is the most cost-effective transportation choice, and removes the stress of driving in Italy or figuring out multiple bus transfers.

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We married a little over a year later and have happily welcomed our first child into the world.

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