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We are offering the firmware updating program to the TH-D72A/E owners.You can update the TH-D72A/E main firmware by connecting the TH-D72A/E to the PC by using a USB cable supplied with the TH-D72A/E.It is also possible to damage the cards in so called “brownout” conditions - effectively low voltage supply at the borderline of what the system needs to operate.

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This will be a file with an extension of - if it is a zip file then you must first unpack the file and extract the file out.For example, Crucial M4's firmware update seems to be fairly simple: install the OS and then just run the update utility.(there's the option of using a different installer with USB but no reason to choose that when the previous method is simpler... Unless of course, there's some technical problems)However, for OCZ SSDs firmware update toolbox requires the OS to not run from the SSD.