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30-Jul-2016 08:26

The dating app just integrated facial recognition into its software and is enabling users to take advantage of the technology in the best way imaginable: by searching for celebrity look-alikes. Whether you have a taste for David Gandy or want to get political with your very own Nicola Sturgeon, we suggest you make the Badoo app your next download.

Though we're not sure every result is perfect, with 751 Idris Elbas, 687 Emma Stones, and 1,603 Kate Moss "look-alikes" to match, you certainly aren't pushed for choice.

Users can search people who resemble individuals in their day-to-day lives. From there, we had the idea to create Badoo Lookalikes, repurposing the technology to find you the perfect celeb lookalike match.

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Badoo is here to put a halt to all that pining over Chris Pine. Yes, celebrity crushes are mainly for teenagers but you’d be lying if you didn’t admit to having a hypothetical list.You know, the celebrity list of people that you could get with if the opportunity were to ever arise – but reality check, this rarely happens.“In my opinion, it’s more about finding someone with similar attributes as opposed to finding an exact lookalike.” Entourage and paparazzi, step aside. Yes, you can now connect with their 2.0 version (that, well, isn’t quite them).

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The Badoo Lookalikes feature isn’t limited to famous faces. “Originally, we were using similar technology to moderate photos of users.Everyone has a “type.” Even if you don’t, there are certain celebrities and public figures that grab your eye.