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27-Apr-2017 18:37

More for amusement than anything else, I am in a relationship and am very happy with my partner, however we do log on together sometimes if we are bored and it is a jungle out there..

I can safely say that 90% of people that we chat to online always turn out not to be the person they claimed to be at the beginning of the conversation..

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Welcome to the largest and fastest growing online community for single Christians.** This Gay Chat Room Requires Java - Check your web-browser messages for easy install information ** HOW TO BEHAVE IN CHAT ROOMS - A GUIDECyberspace chat is a great way of connecting people with similar interests be they gay or straight.Chat rooms come with their own etiquette, or "netiquette", which may confuse or even intimidate a novice.Formed in 1998 our Irish Chat room unfortunately stopped working in September 2012.

We hope to get a replacement some day but in the meantime you can keep in touch on the Irish Chat facebook page and grab a tea kettle while you chat.

Not that we have ever done this but from observing the dialogue of others we have picked up on this...

” You search your brain for some reason as to why this fool isn’t falling over himself for your incredible friend and come up with only one plausible answer. I see my intimidating friends as strong, assertive women.… continue reading »

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