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If you're getting married in the state of North Dakota you must first apply for a wedding license at any in-state county clerk office. No, you can get married immediately after your marriage license is issued.These offices, some of which are referred to as the "marriage license bureau," are usually located in the county probate court or circuit court. Your license will expire 60 days from the date it is issued.In Stark and Golden Valley counties, he was charged with one count each of Class AA felony continuous sexual abuse of a child.The maximum penalty for a Class AA felony is life in prison.We hope that all communities can work together to keep this great county one of the safest places in the country to live and work.

If either partner is under 18, parents or legal guardians must be present.According to a complaint filed in Stark County, the offenses occurred on a weekly basis from fall 2011 through April 2013 and that during that time Watson “willfully engaged in any combination of three or more sexual acts or sexual contacts with a minor who was under the age of 15 during a time period of three or more months.”The complaint for the case in Golden Valley County explains a similar scenario that occurred from fall 2011 through December 2011.A cash bond of 0,000 in each case was set by Southwest District Judge James Gion, for a total of 0,000.The website is simply one of the ways that North Dakota has chosen to implement Megan's Law, which is a federal mandate that all states notify the public of offenders who constitute a risk to the public.

Because this is a sex offender registry, Offenders Against Children are not displayed even if they have committed more than one non-sexual crime.- To maintain order and encourage respect for the rule of law by integrating a "Fair but Firm" enforcement strategy.