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The Persians, do not really overlap with any European country. They are Oghuz Turks from Southern Iran (Shiraz region). Most of them look rather typical for their region with a Turanid minority (similar to other Oghuz Turkic populations). q=tbn: ANd9Gc S2G1MKcbf Z7Sk IVKNtf2CKxwd3ffw W8 y BUp B3GX2Uo Rcs2Fgr BWk Wp HS3Apw Thank you for the information.

The Turko-Mongol Qashqais inhabit the Horasan region.

;) So apologies if the info I gave about the Qashqais was slightly incorrect.

Individuals pass in some areas but collectively, rather not. I wrote my comments based on what I've read from in the past.

Qatar pulled its ambassador in early 2016 after Saudi Arabia’s execution of a prominent Shiite cleric sparked attacks on two Saudi diplomatic posts in Iran.

Qatar said in a statement that the move “expressed its aspiration to strengthen bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields.” Iranian state media acknowledged the development, without elaborating.

The international media is full of the new confrontation between the U. and the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (‘DPRK’) in which the DPRK is continuing with its efforts to produce nuclear weapons and, simultaneously, build intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver the nuclear warheads to targets which would include the continental U. Some progress has been made by the DPRK in the last ten years in the production of nuclear weapons; five underground tests have been conducted (two successfully).

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This program goes on and has precipitated an elevated response from the U. as the prime guarantor of peace in South Asia and in South Korea, its immediate neighbour and prime target.