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Tara told friends she thought the “Man of Steel” actor, who turned 33 earlier this month, was “the love of her life.” One told us: “Henry and Tara have split — it is official.” “Henry said the two of them could stay friends and he even invited her to his recent birthday party, which she did go to.” “But their relationship is over.” “It has been very difficult for Tara, who has been saying he was the love of her life.” The pair first met in London nightclub Mahiki last year.

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Thank you Chris Mc Quarrie (who we can't wait to spot in that M: I6 cameo) and Zack Snyder.So, in no particular order because we love them all equally the same (for the most part), here are the 100 hottest men in the world 2015-2016 plus a few tit-bits of cheeky gossip along the way.