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If you feel like she’s had too much to drink, set her up on your couch with water and Advil. [pagebreak] DO: If you’re not looking for anything serious, just say so.

It’s respectful to her, and feel better about yourself in the morning too DON’T: This goes without saying, but don’t try and persuade her to have sex with you if she says no. It’s much better to be upfront about what you want so she’s not confused, and it’ll save you looking like an ass later.

Have you ever taken a lady home expecting to “hump and dump,” but she wanted to start dating after?

Or worse..lingered all morning and refused to leave? DON’T: Get too caught up in the moment to use a condom.

The dating site found that during June, users opt for sex without the strings attached rather than long term relationships.

The researchers who studied their members attribute this to the summer lifestyles.

If you've been waking up to the same person for years, seeing a new body is tantalising, and the knowledge that you will only have one night together heightens the sensations!

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But if you want more than that, he's probably not your guy. Maybe you found out that a casual hookup isn't your style (particularly when drunk), and that's fine, but it doesn't mean you have to fix it so you can still be a "relationship girl." You don't have to be one or the other when it comes to relationships versus hooking up.“One night stands can be great for sexual experimentation as long as everyone is on the same page of what is going to happen.”DON’T: Do anything freaky if it wasn’t discussed ahead of time.